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We understand that our clients’ time is very valuable and we endeavor to make the best use of it. As Consultants, the result is the quality and fit of your clothing, how we get there is a unique process. We think you’ll appreciate our attention to this very basic concept.

We will begin, by scheduling a mutually convenient time for the Initial Consultation. Because we value your time, we are prepared to come to you. Where that occurs is completely your decision. Our initial consultation is not a cursory one, but in fact, rather in depth. It includes an assessment of your current wardrobe and how it’s rotated throughout the week or month, your styling preferences, and of course your “wants and needs”. We offer a thorough analysis of the type of profession you operate within, the daily interactions that occur, and the perception that you desire to project to the public.

We understand even at this level, budgets must be considered. Our goal is to satisfy your wants and needs, while staying within your budgetary goals using our professional recommendations.

Styling Preference

With recommendations, our goal is to offer you a variety of choices. Together we’ll choose the fabrics that fit the needs we uncovered through our Initial Consultation. We understand with thousands of options, this can be overwhelming, so we’ll help pare it down to a reasonable amount of choices that include fabric levels, designs, patterns and colors.

Your options don’t end in fabric choices, we will review additional choices such as coat and pants preferences, styling details such as functional buttonholes, ticket pockets, contrasting stitching, weighted pant cuffs and special linings.

We want to impart the image of wearing a custom suit, and to those who have never experienced it and just how powerful a statement custom clothing makes. It is truly something that cannot be inferred, it must be experienced.


Since this process is not “off the rack”, and is made expertly to fit your body shape, we take 31 separate measurements. Some of these are for outerwear, others for suits and finally some are for shirts. We do this in the event you decide to add additional pieces to your wardrobe. We prefer to get all the measurements at one time so that they be used for any future choices.

Yet another process we use is photographic. By doing this we can make sure that your clothes fit the way you naturally stand. Posture and shoulder slope can dramatically change the drape of a suit. That is an area that is rarely considered. We at DiPietro’s understand this, and want to make the correct fabric cuts during the initial build process. We will even consider what type of watch our clients wear; the larger faced watches require a larger cuff, for the sleeve of a suit jacket to drape properly.


We will happily discuss the differences in how our suits are made, as there are enormous differences in attention to detail at this level. You have many options, and we want to review all of them with you.

Since we utilize Savile Row trained craftsmen in our bespoke tailoring line, the delivery of a custom-made garment generally takes 6-8 weeks. Finally, we will discuss the payment options available to you prior to finalizing your order.


After your order is complete we will arrange an appropriate time and place for the delivery of your custom clothing. Should fit adjustments be necessary, we will carefully mark your garments accordingly and return to you in about a week. We do the running around for you. The adjustments are then noted in your file allowing future orders to be seamless and most importantly, convenient.

To ensure excellent customer service a follow up call will be made to guarantee your complete satisfaction.